Ways to Prevent Snoring

Snoring is a sleep disorder that constitutes loud and heavy breathing during sleep hours which can be quite disruptive and uncomfortable .Sleep snoring has been proven to cause marriage separations upon many couples in the world due to the disruptive noise that may be too loud for your immediate partner to condone over time.Snoring has actually been proven to be caused by ones lifestyle as based on various human beings.It could be due to a common cold or other underlying problems.Below are some preventative ways to reduce snoring. See more on SnoringABC.

Sleep positioning

Snoring that is triggered by a common cold as in most instances can be mainly due to poor sleeping positions .Take an example of a person who sleeps while facing upwards as one who sleeps facing sideways.Fact is, the one person who positions himself facing upwards tends to snore louder than the one facing sideways.This is because the person facing upwards tends to suffer from a nasal blockage due to the cold thus is forced to breath through the mouth which may lead to a louder snore as compared to the sideway positioned one who tends to be more relaxed thus less noisy or no snore at all. Proper positioning also applies to a normal person without a cold therefore it is essential to purchase a pillow in the event where sleeping on your side becomes hard to prevent the struggle that causes snoring in the end. In relation to this is the issue on pillow change .Try and alternate your pillow designs if the snoring is triggered by improper positioning due to the pillow design.If this persists for a long time then seek medical advise for careful checkup to determine the underlying issue. Learn more on cpap masks for side sleepers.

Weight loss

Majority of the people suffering from sleep disorders such as snoring has been due to excess body fat. Adding or gaining weight has been associated with snoring in the sense that when one gains weight, the whole body tends to grow a bit.bigger to accomodate the fat and due to the fat that accumulates around the throat area, breathing becomes a problem when sleeping therefore snoring occurs.With such a relatable factor it is essential to try and loose weight to check if the snoring eventually goes away.

Alchohol intake

Alchohol intake causes the body to work overtime while trying to break the alchohol molecules in the body.Due to this, the body muscles tend not to relax .This eventually affects your throat muscles causing one to eventually snore in their sleep .To prevent this from happening,it is advisable to avoid taking alchohol minutes before sleeping. Visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snoring for more.